We’re a team of veterinarians and animal advocates. We all love animals and it is very important to us that each of the orphans in our care has a second chance to find a permanent home. We do our best to ensure that all of our adoptees are healthy and well socialized, so you can concentrate on finding the ideal new addition to your family. There are many fine animal rescue organizations, both public and private, in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It takes the efforts of all of these groups, working together, to make an impact on the serious problems we currently have with abandoned animals.

All rescue organizations aren’t the same however. Many public organizations are forced, largely due to budget restrictions and the volume of animals they deal with, to euthanize many animals that are in excellent health and perfectly adoptable.

Our philosophy is a little different. We are a no-kill facility, like several other fine rescue organizations in the area. We are also committed to rehabilitating the animals in our care. If an animal is treatable when it comes to us,

we do everything we can to ensure that it can become healthy and adoptable as well. We have had many heartwarming success stories placing animals in loving homes that other people had given up on. It is very expensive to operate in this manner. Even a healthy animal can cost $200 or more to feed and care for until a permanent home can be found. If an animal comes to us with serious injuries or illness, the cost is understandably much higher.

Each of our adoptees will need, on average, from $200 to $400 in food, medicine and medical care before we are able to place it. Your donations are what allows us to continue our adoption and rehabilitation efforts.

Please join us in saving some very deserving animals. There are many ways you can help. We always appreciate your generous financial support, and could not survive without your continuing donations.

If you’re looking for a pet, we hope that you consider our orphanage. We work hard to rehabilitate and care for our adoptees and have grown to love all of them. They can’t stay with us forever, however. What they really need is a place in your hearts and your homes.